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Ancestry App for iPhone

I have cursed so many times over the last 5 years with their incessant new updates & rearranging of the way you use their site along with an  increase in membership fees… This time they did something right … finally!

I have had the app for my iPhone for just a little while now. I wasn’t impressed with it. It simple listed my tree(s) I had with & an alphabetical list of individuals attached to that tree. Pretty worthless…

UNTIL NOW! The NEW Ancestry app (or update for those of us with the previous version) has finally started to catch up with family research in the 21st century & everyone on the go!

It now gives you a view of your tree as an actual tree with a home button that will take you back to your set home person so you can swing through the branches of your tree(s). The option to add & delete individuals (no more letting my little man play with mommy’s phone… LOL) , the ability to edit information for persons attached, & the ability to search for individuals you have saved to your tree! You can also view a list of documents or “evidence” you have saved to individuals, add photos from your iPhone, or view attached photos. And with internet access, you can access through the app itself! Truly worth the effort now & the download.

The best part… IT’S STILL FREE! Yes, it is still free to download. Thus if you have account you have an app that will take your work with you on the go! Even better, it is always free to simple create a tree with with no attached records, so it is never completely worthless :) You can use it as your own family tree app on the go & never upload to

It’s still not as fancy as say Reunion, but it is definitely comparable. If you don’t use Reunion on your Mac, their app, which is $14.99, is completely worthless to you.  Thus, I am very excited to have the Ancestry app taking up memory & space on my iPhone :)


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