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The Year of LEE

Like I state previously, my research has turned into ground zero…or it feels that way. Having to rebuild my entire software database is so daunting, as it looks like Mt. Everest to an ant!

In the past my research has always been about getting as many documents as possible… I mean that the whole point right? Evidence!

Well as I begin… And it’s a New Year… I’m setting goals this time & focusing on only one tree at a time. Thus this year all my research efforts & goals are going towards my husbands line: The Lees!

I opted for this family line because: 1- It’s my smallest tree on hard copy & Ancestry thus it’s a little less scary to start my rebuild. 2 – Because it’s brick wall comes early in historical perspective: 1900. 3 – I’ve had my first child, a boy! So his line is dad’s line :)

The brick wall & center of all research starts with Frank Herbert Lee who’s reported birth takes place in once Pryor Creek, OK, on 22 September 1900. I say “reported” because he had to get a delayed birth certificate of nearly 50 years after the fact!!

The delayed birth certificate said he’s the son of Frank Herbert (Herbert Frank) Lee of WI, & Clara Marie Nuahause of IL. Yes, both names were listed for the father. The father is said through family stories to be Cherokee & the mother is said to be Irish.

My suspicions are that these have been twisted. I mean, a Cherokee (as family legend holds it) born in Milwaukee, WI, before 1900? That would be very rare…wouldn’t it? And secondly, it’s most common for a man to travel to the location of the woman he marries &/or bears children with, with the first born birthed in the woman’s last known residence. I did say “most common”. Also “Nuahause” really doesn’t sound Irish to me…does it to you? It was even spelled “Nayhouse” on one handwritten family tree.

So begins The Year Of Lee! Follow along to see how this family unfolds these next 11 months :D


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I am just one woman trying to praise God, raise a family, and help others. If I help anyone, if I reach anyone through Him, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

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  1. “Now you have me reintreigued in my tree…It is pretty far in, but I stopped with the advent of Baby 2. However some of my family is from Appleton Wi, a bit north of MKE and I have a Cherokee GGGfather in there somewhere, prior to 1900 though since my GG was born in 1904. Now I have to look and see who and when.” – Christine

    Christine, I always tease I am on old lady-in-waiting! I love genealogy & family history research! I am an addict to a point of almost needing a straight jacket some days! LOL! Thus, of course, I encourage you to get on it! :D If you ever need some help, someone to bounce ideas off of, or just to talk all geeky genealogy… look me up! I am in it daily again! As for the Cherokee… I will be posting a blog soon enough, but I LOATH Native American research. It is so tough & so strict… and well… not the most fruitful efforts in my experiences. I would LOVE to share & get some pointers… or learn together…?

  2. Cherie Cayemberg

    I look forward to the year of Lee. I’ve got Irish Lees in my line, but they’ve been difficult to trace so far. Such common names can be a plague!

    • Yes, Lee, Smith, Jones, etc… Well, there is Irish but I am not sure it is the Lees, but maybe from some of the maternal sides that were married to the Lees… but let’s see what we can uncover!

  3. Mick [Buckingham] Quintrall

    Ms Lee,

    I know this if the “Year of Lee” for you but….

    My name is Mickey Len Quintrall, and my father is Robert James Buckingham, Howard Enis Buckingham is my grandfather and Robert Edwin Buckingham [or what ever his name REALLY is] is my great grandfather. My
    last name is Quintrall because my father enlisted into the Navy using his stepfather’s name so that he could enter the service underage. I spoke to my brothers Kerry and Lee, whom you corresponded with a couple of years ago. My goal: to find out just who Robert Edwin
    really was [if that was his name at all], and what the blood-line really is. I live in Washington DC, so as soon as I have as much data as possible I plan a trip to the Library of Congress to search more.

    I’ve heard the story many times about his not being traceable prior to 1910, not being the biological son of Henrietta “Etta” and Joseph George Buckingham and him not having a birth certificate or census verification. My questions are:
    1. Why would a country kick one of its citizens out of the country for not joining the military/what age would he have been [the decision age in Britain]….this would give us an idea the year he immigrated [or illegally immigrated]? [a side note: conscription in Britain did not begin until 1916]
    2. Why a Nebraska prison/and what prison would he have been in?
    3. Why did the Buckinghams agree to allow him to use the family name?
    4. Is anyone alive that remembers anything else?

    Sorry if I’m asking questions that you’ve already tried to answer, but I’m just now getting going on this. Oh yeah, how are we related?

    Thanks in advance, Mick


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