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Operator! Operator? Can You Understand Me?

So I have searched a bunch of records in the last few nights. I’m pretty sure I can honestly say a million since some searches have produced over 400,000 results & I’ve searched most of the results :) Research Overload!

I’ve found every Frank Lee or Herbert Lee I can muster up in OK. Seen just about every Clara Lee possible in OK & quit a few in IL. It’s resulted in a few Frank & Clara Lee unions. None of which are good matches…

Mostly because children don’t match, date of record doesn’t match, the birth locations of anyone doesn’t match, race doesn’t match,… You name it, I’ve dismissed it. A few were lucky enough to be saved for later or printed for a possibility.

Then tonight it dawned on me, as I was on page 50-something results produced from a search on the LDS (Latter Day Saints) FamilySearch site, that I probably need to back up a generation. A marriage record (without image) was transcribed for Frank Herbert Lee & Mardell Beamer. This is the son of Frank & Clara Lee. An besides an obvious transcription detail, the first question that come up was, “do I have all I can on Frank Lee, the son?”

This is a rookie mistake! Yes, and I made it big time! ;(

In the past I had worked on Frank Lee, that’s how I got his delayed birth certificate & his Rail Road records. But do I have his life events documented? I’m sure I’d remember a marriage liscence that said his mother was “Gladys Newhaus”!

First “Gladys” is clearly not Clara! Clara Brown is the bride’s (Mardell’s) mother! And Newhouse, from my experience, is definitely German or of German regional relation. Now we are getting somewhere :D

Are you following? Can you see it? A generation playing a game of “operator” or “telephone” very poorly… It happens :)

So my handy dandy Internet search with Google & there it is! Clear as day… Newhouse in native tongue is often pronounced to sound more like Nayhouse, Nyus, Niehause, Neuhause,…

Big picture: Operator error due to dialect & accents! So my next step is actually backwards a generation to Frank & Mardell (Beamer) Lee. Let’s finish a complete documentation work up :D


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  1. “The Newhaus link is on my Ancestry page if you wanna snag it. But it sounds like you’re patched!” – Frank

    Hmmm… a what huh? Linke me up! Please?


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