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I know I have been researching this same brick wall with Frank & Clara since 2006! Yes, that is almost 5 years of looking over this link & without serious attention… I would get lost or frustrated & just moving onto the next tree.

Since I have set a goal (I have to keep reminding myself of this :), moving on isn’t an option, so I finally get to focus! However, while I await the mail system for Frank Lee, the son, (why can’t genealogy catch up with the times already!)… I find I must keep digging… It’s truly an addiction.

“Your Focus Needs More Focus” – Karate Kid (2010) One of my favorite quotes :)

After deep thought, & little more rummaging around, I had some questions. Questions that I should have thought of earlier if had I just “focused”!

At one time I was told that after Clara died, Frank (the son) was raised by family in (Chicago) IL. Well, who’s family? Frank’s or Clara’s? Which family? An aunt, an uncle, grandparents? So back to my generous aunt:

“Hi,  spent a little time this morning looking over very old notes. Came across a few things.   Frank and  Clara Marie meet in Okmulgee OK and could possibly be the place of marriage. Notes clearly say the Frank Lee was born on indian reservation. And that Frank Lee senior is buried in Pryor OK. I have made several calls but have found nothing. Guess I will have to go to Pryor and walk the cemeteries. Anyway just thought I would send this your way.  Hope that you have a nice day.”

“I got the birth year from Frank Lee delayed birth certificate. Yes my notes say that he was raised by an Aunt in Chicago. Her side of the family. Keep in mind that they meet and married in Okmulgee. Still does not mean that he was indian. IF the father was from WI then are there indian tribes there?? ”

Well that certainly helps! He was residing in Okumlgee, OK, around 1900? Not a single positive search result, so this means I get to waste some time unwinding (one night this week), going through the ENTIRE census for Okumlgee, OK. After thought, “Hmmm… when did Okumlgee become  a city or town? And what others are it’s neighbors? That might be very important to know & why search results were all negative. Duh Ding-dong!”

Buried in Pryor! Well, let me get on that letter ASAP! That is simply a records search at the county clerks office…a death certificate usually states this information. Wait! Did they have death records as early as 1900? What year might I need to search? There’s another question to clarify….

“Indian Territory”… well that is another fun search for either the rolls or the whites on their land rolls… I am getting so excited! … but I LOATH Native American research. It’s not my cup of tea. :(

Man! My “To-Do” list sure is getting long now :D


About Genesis 1:29

I am just one woman trying to praise God, raise a family, and help others. If I help anyone, if I reach anyone through Him, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

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  1. “Lots of information with lots of questions. I know thaet when I worked in Tahlequah, OK, that there was a wealth of information regarding Native Americans at their offices there. I was performing as an actor and didn’t have time to follow-up. I didn’t MAKE time. I know you probably have that lead, but if not, I hope you find it helpful.” – Frank

    There is indeed, but they are very reserved with their information. They don’t offer any help unless you can first prove to them there is Native American blood in your family. Kinda of backwards, … but has been mine & many others’ experiences. I will blog about it one day… :)


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