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Finding Time – There’s An App For That!

I’ve been asked & I have done some asking: “How do you ever find the time?” I mean I’ve got only one baby boy….a friend of mine has 5 children & she homeschools! So how do individuals like us find the time?

As I have stated, I’m a genealogist in a significantly different era. I’m young in comparison to many of my counterparts & technology had taken a hold of most family history research.

I can’t vouch for anyone else, but for me I find the time, like right now: I’m sitting in my truck letting little sleep & my ankle rest, while friends of ours finish the Mt. Nokogiri hike,…on my iPhone with my WordPress app & the 3G network here in Japan :D

Believe it or not, these days most my research, correspondence with relatives, my blog, etc is all done via my iPhone! Apps! They literally have an app for everything! Once you get set up, moving to an app is so easy & extremely convenient!

“That’s greeaaat! So, where’s the time?” This was my biggest area of “adjustment” after baby. Finding the time, took first getting ORGANIZED! For me that meant getting everything set up & communications working.

Having a hardcopy of all my work to date with documentation in a 3 ring binder is a great start! This reference point is so easy & set up in a way that I can locate any ancestor I am looking for in seconds! Sometimes, faster than the internet can connect to the page I request! It stays open on my office desk so that I have a quick & easy access with my “drive by” moments of free time. It saves me so much time! (A blog to follow just on binder organization & why MRIN’s are so vital!)

Then I just need to download a few apps to my phone & log in to my accounts via the apps, and I was set! Just a tap & touch away, I can find time while waiting to pick hubby up, relaxing on the couch during little’s nap, during transit time to somewhere fun (road trip or tain rides), while soaking in a bath (yes you read that right!), sometimes I steal quick glances at emails or write a note while waking from the laundry to the kitchen, & of course the obvious time… little’s bedtime.

By having all my information & internet access at my finger tips literally, all I needed next was a good “To-Do List” App, and I have been able to find the time & get back to a passionate hobby of mine :D


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  1. I have an iPhone too and often use it when I’m stuck in the car, waiting for Girl Scouts, or Co-op, or youth group to be over. :)


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