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Marie Neuhaus Tuttle

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! (Doing a happy dance… happy dance… happy dance!)

After years of research, I again opted to try researching Wilbert R. Tuttle, someone who had to be close to Frank Herbert Lee (son) to be giving a personal affidavit of knowledge to his birth.

Today I opted to try They have updated their website with a greater ease of use, as well as more documents to view online… I often find odds & ends documents on their site that are not on or an online state archive database. We all know that seeing it with our own eyes is the most important thing towards believing :)

Going from the 1920 Census where Frank was listed as a boarder in his home & Frank’s delayed birth certificate…. I used these perimeters:

Wilbert R Tuttle – any event – 1873-1920…

Marriage to Wilbert Tuttle

There it is! Plain as day! An image of the marriage between Wilbert Tuttle, 37 years of age [born abt. 1876] to Miss Marie Neuhause, 31 years of age [born abt. 1882]. They were married in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, 6 December 1913. “Miss” title was important enough to be attached to her name, implies that she has never married prior to this union.

So who is Miss Marie Neuhaus? Is she the “aunt” that raised Frank? Or is she the mother of Frank, whom never married his father?

I’m so glad that on a hunch I already sent off my request for Marie Tuttle’s death certificate! I can’t wait!!! This record has helped rule out many off the wall theories I had, which has finally given me direction!


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  1. Glad you’re getting some answers!! I’ve enjoyed the improved FamilySearch site also.

    By the way – have you had your blog added to the Geneabloggers site yet? If not, you need to do it! :)


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