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Death of Marie Tuttle wins my heart this week! Another happy dance!

While I am still waiting on the official copy from the state of Illinois, just gave me a visual copy of Mrs. Marie Tuttle’s Death Certificate!

According to this death record, Marie Tuttle was born Marie Neuhaus on April 14, 1882, in Germany. Her father was Emil Neuhaus & her mother was Clara Neuhaus, both also born in Germany.

Most likely she was also Clara [Marie], but to keep the name confusion down she went solely by Marie.

Marie died November 13, 1921 in Chicago, IL, due to peritonitis [sic; abdominal pain] with complications from salpingitis [sic: inflammation of the fallopian tubes] at 6:40 PM. She was buried at Arlington [Heights] Cemetery on November 16, 1921.

The informant was Wilbert Raymond Tuttle, her husband from the 1920 Census.

It is appearing that Marie Tuttle is our Clara Marie Neuhaus Tuttle, listed on Frank Herbert Lee’s delayed birth certificate. This doesn’t help the mystery of Frank’s parents, but when put into a timeline perspective, Wilbert Tuttle was in his 80’s when he gave that affidavit of personal knowledge to Frank’s birth. Any amount of confusion could have set in…

The fun part… my husband’s line definitely has a strong German lineage from various sides of this Lee line!

Off to find Emil & Clara Neuhause… :D


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