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Always A Little Proof In The Pudding

After finding Marie Neuhaus Tuttle’s death certificate, I finally had a clue as to her parents & her family prior to the Lee or Tuttle connections.

The family story held Frank Herbert Lee was raised by “family” in Chicago, IL…on his mother’s side. They were “German” & were “printers” there in Chicago. Remember, every family story is like a good game of “operator” or “telephone”, but there are always hidden facts in the story :)

With Emil Neuhaus, wife Clara, from Marie’s death record, I went hunting!


A German Printer in Chicago, IL

TADA! The 1900 US Federal Census shows that Emil Neuhaus was living in Chicago, IL with his wife, Clara, and one son, Herman. They were all born in Germany! And the men are working as printers!!

It also notes that Clara was the mother of 3 children in which all 3 are living in 1900. Three? Well Marie is one, Herman is two, … who is number three? Is that our mysterious “Gladys” on Frank Herbert Lee’s (1900) marriage record to Mardell Beamer?

After further research I find a 1895 Census for the Sate of Wisconsin with Emil Neuhause & 2 males & 3 females living in Milwaukee, WI! So the other child is a female, this has to be our “Gladys”, biological mother of Frank Herbert Lee? And in Milwaukee? Could it be that Frank Lee & Gladys actually meet in Milwaukee & married, then went to OK, where they had their son in Pryor Creek, OK?

So how did Clara Marie Neuhause get on Frank’s delayed birth certificate? I am “hypothesizing” that it was twisted with Wilbert Tuttle. A man in his 80’s at the time of the affidavit, was probably a little confused. Having met & married Marie Neuahaus with Frank already in her care, to him she was always his mother. She was most likely born Clara Marie, named after her mother. To keep the name confusion to a minium she went solely by Marie Neuhaus. Marie was indeed born in 1882. These are all facts that were hidden in the family story line.

Now to try & find the Neuhause immigration & migration to the US, WI, & IL. Where is the missing child? Is she “Gladys”? Where in Germany are they from? Why did they come to America? And how did they get to Wisconsin & then to IL to become printers?


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