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The Folds of Time

You have to be kidding me! Is this really possible? I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in some natural set of laws!!

After much clicking & back clicking & redefining my search perimeters… I find an immigration document for…wait for it… No…wait…are you ready?


Who is the third child? Who!?

Clara Neuhaus,… Herman, & Marie… but who is the one in the middle… in the folds?

On my photo editing software & some manipulation of my computer screen I tried to see whatever I could see, but I still can’t make out much of anything other than there is another person with them… uggh! To me it appears to be… Heinrichs Emil…. The father? This is definitely not “Gladys”… Is the third child lost in the folds & age of time?

What’s your opinion? Think there’s another lost in the folds of time?

The 1900 Census said 3 children were all still living… Who is #3?

In 1884 even the eldest child would have still been too young to be left behind in Germany,… And it appears to be a single number, possibly “9”. Thats definitely not Emil’s age….

The manifest was folded & looks to have been very well weathered, so the crease of the fold is dark & can’t be opened completely, thus the scanned microfilmed image lends no help ;Q

Many families experienced what we call “chain immigration” where a family member comes first, or a few come, then a few more, or the rest of the family until they are all immigrated to their new homeland. However, Emil & his family were able to travel together.

You’re probably wondering why Clara is listed as head of household & not Emil, huh? Clara on many records is 10 years Emil’s senior, making her the eldest family member. Usually when making a list of persons they were listed in age/birth order.

Emil & his family arrive in New York on the 18th of October in 1884. [sic: Emil claims he came to America in 1885 on both his census & January 1885 on his naturalization card…which I presume is when he reached Wisconsin.) The family is said to have originated for this trip from Saxony (Kingdom State). They departed from Bremen, Germany, where the ship came up a large river & then made its way back down this channel to the open sea setting sail for their new homeland… America of freedom & riches.

They made a stop at Southampton, England before making it to New York. They embarked with 874 passengers on board to make about a 19 day journey aboard a steam liner with 4 masts. Can you imagine?

Why did they end up in Wisconsin? What lead them to America in 1884, besides the obvious world wide wave of propaganda? Was there more family in America that they met up with? So many questions… And when does this get us back to Frank Lee & his family?


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  1. An answer to your comment on A Few Nuts from the Tree. Looking over your Neuhaus names, I see no connection to mine. All six of my Neuhaus children came from Germany to Douglas County, NE. Contact me for names of their parents and grandparents in Germany in case you can connect with them.

    • I am so sorry, but not even a clue on parents yet. I got them coming from Saxony (Kingdom State), Germany but that is about it. In the states, Heinrichs Emil Neuhaus was a printer… he caught up with a Herman Neuhaus (which is also the name of his only son) who came before him & was a tailor. I am not sure if he died & then they went to Chicago, or if there was even a connection.. haven’t really gotten that far. But I had a hard time just locating Neuhaus in that spelling… Seeing your name, it just jumped out at me :)

  2. Thought I left a comment, but don’t see it. Please contact me about the Neuhaus family. I don’t see a connection, but would like to try to find one.

  3. Amy,if you would give me your email, I will scan and send you what I have on my Neuhaus ancestors in Germany.

  4. I feel your pain there. I have a few faded beyond the readable census pages. I have some luck using other sources and other microfilms but I think your missing piece will not change with other copies. Good luck!
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)


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