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What If This Was Your Last Living Photo?

My family & I have been blessed & survived this 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan yesterday & its aftermath with no loss or damages. We haven’t had to leave our home since the tsunami warning. Outside some hours without electricity or cell services, but Facebook remained intact, we have simply remained shaking up as aftershocks continue averaging 4-5 per hour at magnitudes at 5.0+!

However, as the tsunami struck it wiped entire communities off the face of the earth. One of those communities was the small town of Sendai. Small if you consider 1 million people small. Many seemed to have survived, but news reports gave me us this photo below:


People take shelter as a ceiling collapses in a bookstore during an earthquake in Sendai, northeastern Japan March 11, 2011. (REUTERS/Kyodo)


Immediately my thoughts were taken away with this photo & genealogy: What if this was your last living photo? How many generations came up missing? How many family linages ended today? I am not sure why this photo reached out to me but it does.

Amy Coffin has challenged us to 52 Week of Personal Genealogy & History, … last week was disasters where I had nothing. Now I have a story. The aftermath & devastation has swept Japan, leaving us all quiet & on alert… but truly, what if this was your last living photo? Amazing what technology has given us!



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  1. OMG I completely forgot you are in Japan! Are you sure that you and your family are ok?

  2. So glad to hear that you are okay. That is a very powerful photo. Seeing the fear on their faces makes me ill. Do we know if they were okay?

  3. So glad to hear that you came through this! The reports and pictures just leave me without words – I cannot imagine the devastation.

  4. So glad to hear your family is ok! We’ve been following what’s happening since we first heard on Fri. Just heartbreaking…

  5. When we’re researching and come across the long ago stories, it’s easy to forget that at one time the event was in the present moment. This really brings that home.

  6. Glad that you are okay. I have a cousin in Japan but haven’t heard anything about her.

  7. So very glad to hear that you’re safe.

  8. How true! What a heartbreaking picture! So glad that you guys are okay.

  9. Cherie Cayemberg

    Catching up on my reading and saw this. So glad you are safe! I can certainly understand those thoughts as well. They can set off a renewal of our efforts in our own family histories. Stay safe.


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