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A Printer With A Saloon

Before 1885, there is no listing for a Heinrich Emil Neuhaus anywhere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There is only a Henry & Theodora Neuhaus, a tailor & a midwife, in 1884.

In accordance to his claim of coming to America January 1885 (which in reality was October 1884 to New York from Germany), he begins his debut in the city directories of Milwaukee city.

In 1885, the listings for Neuhaus were:

Neuhaus, Emil, printer, r. 1045 4th
Henry, tailor, r. 634 4th
Theodora, midwife, r. 634 4th

The only three Neuhaus in the 1885 Milwaukee City, WI, directory! You can see clearly Henry & Theodora Neuhaus share a relation of sorts sharing the same residence. After further research, they are indeed husband & wife. However, Emil is living on the same 4th street a block or four away. So is Henry a relative that encouraged him to move to America & thereafter, to Milwaukee?

Almost every year he is listed as a printer, then a compositor, then an editor! Just as the family history has passed down over the years, Neuhaus was indeed in the printing business.

Almost every year, except 1888! Just three years after immigrating & settling in Milwaukee, WI, he apparently moved his family from their home at 1045 4th street to 423 3rd street where he was trying his hand as a saloon owner?

Saloon Owner!

To prove it wasn’t a misprint, I searched the business listings of the 1888 Directory & sure enough! Our Mr. Emil Neuhaus indeed had a saloon listed on page 596:

By 1890, Emil & his family moved again, this time to 1066 5th street, where he’s listed solely as a printer. So where did he get this saloon & why?

I went back as far as I could online, but skipping from 1882 to 1879, I find the only listing of a Neuhaus who can be related to any “saloon”.

Neuhaus, Christian, brewer, res. 903 Winnebago

The ONLY Neuhaus listing in 1879! He doesn’t appear in the 1882-1900 directories, so…. Did Emil take over for a family member, or was he honestly a micro-brewer on the side hoping to make a big buck? Was it a business deal gone bad? I suppose we may never know…

In 1881, there were over 200,000 saloon listing in which people paid to have their names listed, thus it’s not even a complete list!!!

Germans are known of their breweries & their beers: Pabst, Schlitz, Miller & Blatz… maybe you have heard of them? All from Milwaukee, WI! History holds that there were many many microbreweries in the city, this saloon had to have been then just one of many.

In 1893, Emil & his family have a Mrs. Augusta Neuhaus (widow of Frank), & a Max Neuhaus, a carpenter, residing with them. Are they family? They are not his children. His son, Herman, has entered formal schooling, listed as a “student” at age…

1897 is the last city directory listing for Emil Neuhaus. He’s an editor! He works at The Fram, located at 1136 7th street, on the Der Fuehrer, a semi-monthly German Spiritualist paper.


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  1. I’ve awarded you the One Lovely Blog Award! Please visit my blog at to pick up your award!

  2. Too funny! It’s possible though! My dad has a real job and he brews his own beer on the side. :)

  3. Excellent digging! It’s amazing the things you are able to find that escape the rest of us. Don’t underestimate or question yourself! This is an amazing story.


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