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Slightly Derailed Out of Japan

I am sorry for my missing posts & fun facts. My attention & prayers remain in my heart… which is still in Japan.

Life have been slightly derailed for me as I made my self-made evacuation with only a few bags & my son the other day. We are now stateside & feeling safer, more relaxed… and detached. As my panic settles, I know many remain upset & feeling stranded as they announce that lethal levels of radiation had been released. (many many tears) Those left inside the exclusion zone have been left to die.

My heart breaks. Even 300 miles away from the Sendai plant, we detected low radiation levels. 300 miles away, there was no fuel, limited train schedules, no water, food, or diapers. The few that tried to remain as life as normal were struggling. My neighbors has boarded up, stayed in doors, & had changed their entire lives over night.

Due to many political reasons, there are many Americans stranded in Japan, alongside billions of Japanese. They are slowly coming forth with the effects that Chernobyl left behind for 40 years. It has spread to Norway & Poland through the water & food sources. Though Fukishima power plant hasn’t exploded, the levels of radiation emitted into the air can’t be tracked or traced. They don’t know this radiation will do or how it will affect people & things.

As low radiation levels appear in the United States through the luggage of passengers, life has dramatically altered for everyone on this earth. Especially in the cost of “stuff” in an American economy that is already in denial of its recession.

After this nuclear mess, the Japanese will then be dealing the much decomposing bodies that were lost to the tsunami & its aftermath.

As a genealogist, my thoughts of my own family tree have been completely derailed to those lineages lost in Japan. Japan is an older country. It’s people are older. This is a great loss. I watched so many children board my flight with only one person in charge of 5-6  children (whom were not their own) fleeing for safety & perseverance of Japan’s future.

I ask that everyone reading my blog to take a moment from their own research & say a little prayer for everyone, especially those still attached to Japan.


About Genesis 1:29

I am just one woman trying to praise God, raise a family, and help others. If I help anyone, if I reach anyone through Him, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

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