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I Give Up!

What is it? 3 months in the Year of Lee & I am ready to give up!  :D

Seriously though. I am not sure there is an answer to be found in regards to the Lee line more than we already know. (However, due to a mail re-routing plan… I am STILL waiting on the records I sent off for… )

I was reading a story in the new Family Tree Magazine where a lady disguiesd herself as a man to fight in the civil war & then was even clever enough to get a pension for her family! WOW! Now how did they find all that information & get it documented?

That is how I feel about the Lee line. There is some hidden story that wasn’t meant to be told & finding it is rather impossible. I am certain that you can’t have an ancestor slip through his whole life without one document somewhere!!!

So here I am genealogy blog world… HOW DO I FIND THIS ELUSIVE ANCESTOR in a time that was so “raw” & the wild west was real? I feel like there are hidden documents of some sort somewhere… what & where?


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  1. So I just read through your entire Lee saga. First off, I think you are a nut for trying to focus on one line for a whole year. Look a squirrel! I only make fun because I am jealous that your focus has more focus than my focus. I digress. This is a conundrum. Have you scoured newspapers? I mean, if Emil was an editor he would almost surely have to have some of his writing in print at some point. As for the Lee line, I may have missed some of the posts in your story, but have you contacted the local historical society in that area? I also had elusive ancestors in Oklahoma and the historical society for their town was very helpful. Checked for any books on that area? I’m not sure where you are currently at, but is a visit there an option? Sometimes boots on the ground can solve a brick wall. Just some random musings. I am entranced by your brick wall and feel just a wee bit better that someone else has elusive ancestors!

    • Heather – I am like a squirrel! LOL! Crazy & nutty! LOL! I did contact a local society in both OK & WI to get more help. WI wrote me an email saying they are working on it & that was the last I heard a week ago. OK sent me two emails siting my online work! LOL! So OK was no help at all. They keep telling me that they have this person but not who I am looking for. I think I am going to have to go over there & just do it myself…now that I am back in the states & in AR. :) I thought the same thing in regards to the newspapers, but Emil worked for German newspapers here in the states which are not online… so again… need to get a specialist there. I guess… as this conversation goes on I need a specialist to help…. I just wanted to do it myself!

      • I am in Arkansas, too! Maybe we need to do a roadtrip. I love road trips…especially when cemeteries and historical societies are involved. I am intriqued by your dilemma, I think because I am so close to it (geographically) and I have a similar issue with one of my family lines that I am too far from the state to do much about.

    • I love the part of my focus has more focus than your focus… great line! Love it! I wish my focus was that focused. I am seriously gonna add another interesting character on another line to my blog… I can’t focus that well! LOL! Where in AR? And sure, once I am settled in… maybe this fall… we can make a trip :) I know I’d love it!

  2. We live just north of The Rock, as I call it. You?


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