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Possibilities Riddle The Truth

Robert Edwin Buckingham is said to be born to Joseph George Buckingham & Henrietta Wood, on 23 October 1885. So why is this questioned?

The mystery not only lies around a random “family story” of his evading the Royal Army enlistment, but also that in 1900 he does NOT appear on the census with his acclaimed family.

Where's Robert Edwin Buckingham?

As you can clearly see, a 15-year-old Robert Edwin Buckingham seems to be missing from the family 1900 Federal Census. Why? His older siblings are living at home… his younger siblings are at home…

“Ettie” claims that 6 of her 7 children are living… 6? Who is the missing one? It can’t be Robert Edwin Buckingham… he seems to be living, because that is where our family comes from.

The only thing holding this Robert Edwin Buckingham in line with Joseph George & Etta Buckingham for me is his middle name. It’s begins with an “E” just like the entire family:

  1. Laura Buckingham – unknown
  2. Harry Enis Buckingham – 1878-1909
  3. Charles Everett Buckingham – 1883-1902
  4. – *Robert Edwin Buckingham – 1885-1926
  5. Francis Elizabeth Buckingham – 1890-1918
  6. George Edward Buckingham – 1892-1948
  7. Edna Eleanor Buckingham – 1894-1990

Robert Edwin Buckingham makes 7 children total! That also keeps him with this family… And Edna is the one who provided the information that I continue to rely on from time to time, as she was the one who passed down the information & photos to my Grands.

So did Robert Edwin Buckingham get into trouble around 1900, shortly after their move to California, that landed him in prison for a small term? Was it instead not evading the military but maybe for lying about his age to enlist in the military?

And how did he meet Rosa Priscilla Ogden, his wife? How did he become a printer by 1920?

Do you think that Joseph George & Etta Buckingham are his parents? (Remember to read previous posts about REB.) What do you speculate happened to Robert Edwin Buckingham in 1900?


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