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Who’s The Expert?

Oh man! I finally have gotten bits & pieces of my mail from Japan to the States! In my mailbox was a thick self-addressed envelope from the Milwaukee Historical Society! How exciting!

I of course, when I found the time, tore into the envelope with much anticipation! I couldn’t wait to see what clues lied ahead for me….

Emil Neuhaus… Ok… I forgot that I had requested additional information on Emil. I was disappointed it wasn’t Frank Lee, but I still was hoping there was something on his the third child I haven’t identified….

WHAT?! I was so upset :( After looking over 8 pages of Ancestry census printouts, state census print outs, immigration card (from Ancestry) & a small list of directory listings (not as complete as mine)… I was ready to just light it with a match!

I stopped & reread the cover letter to see that they had also researched for Frank H. Lee, born 1875 Milwaukee, upon my requests & found nothing. Nothing on the birth index from 1870-1880, nothing in the marriage index for grooms from 1890-1905, no naturalization papers, noting in the Milwaukee Sentinel Newspaper before 1890…

The did find the same city directory listing I had, however, mine were more conclusive with a nationality mark or indication. There appears to a Frank H. Lee that appears around 1894, a clerk, living at 26 29th in Milwaukee, WI. the last listing for this same Frank H. Lee was in 1899, the same year in which Emil Neuhaus & his family moved to Chicago, IL.

I guess it’s time for me to seriously contemplate the point in which I am a professional genealogist. I mean I already had everything in this “packet” I received on Emil Neuhaus. Hmmm…..

Still can’t seem to pinpoint a positive match Frank H. Lee & a Neuhaus daughter together in the same location…


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