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That’s Not My Frank Lee

After much rereading of the cover letter & reading between the lines of the information I received the other day, I opted to search out the Frank Lee that was a clerk in the Milwaukee City Directory.

It turns out this Frank Lee was born about 1877 in Connecticut. He also claims his parents were born in the same state. In the Wisconsin State Census in 1905, Frank Lee is single as well. Not widowed or divorced, but single. So this Frank Lee is not my Frank Lee.

1900 Federal Census in Mount Pleasant Racine, WI, I also found a Herbert Lee, also single, born September 1874 in WI, his parents were both listed as born in England. No occupation listed, nor any other clues. This isn’t my Frank Lee either!

I find a Frank & Clara A Lee in Portage, Columbia, Wisconsin in the 1900 Federal Census. He as born in WI, father born in Germany, & mother born in England. Clara was born in WI, both parents were born in Germany. Things seem to be adding up… they have two children, daughters, Mrytle & Ethel. Things were looking promising until the 1910 & 1920 Federal Censuses where they never moved from Columbia County & there is never a son born to them :( So this is not my Frank Lee either!

How & why would my Frank Lee manage to slip off the grid of any paper trail unless he was “native american” as the family history claims? (Open to any suggestions!) 


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