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Fun Friday

FINALLY!  Denise Barrette Olson created a wonderful resource on using my Mac as the creative machine it should be! I love Mac, but like all technology, you have to learn or re-learn things when we make big changes … a.k.a. PC to Mac :)

She takes Mac’s Keynote software program & creates these amazing genealogy scrapbook pages!

Please read her post below:

Keynote offers both functionality and creative opportunities to create a family history project that will both entertain and inform. Here\’s a look at some of its capabilities.

via Scrapbooking with Keynote.


I have to say, I am one who is always leery of new sites making big claims… especially in the genealogy world. I have pretty much accepted that owns what appears to be “everything” these days.

So when I stumbled onto “Genealogy Your Way” blog & read about this “new genealogy site”, I couldn’t prevent my fingers from clicking on the link :)

Mocavo is a very interesting site. It literally pulled up every single post I made on various forums! I have to say that alone was a great asset to me! :) I can never remember where I posted what or what I even said… most the time not even getting a follow up post email if there was one.

Mocavo has given me many many sources with full text to read through & analyze that no one else has provided for me :) I strongly recommend at least a visit & one search!


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I am just one woman trying to praise God, raise a family, and help others. If I help anyone, if I reach anyone through Him, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

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  1. Thanks for visiting my site! I’m glad you found Mocavo useful. I hope it will continue to be so. Best of luck to you in your searching!


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