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52 Weeks of Personal Genealogy & History – Week 18

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“Week 18. Weather. Do you have any memorable weather memories from your childhood? How did your family cope and pass the time with adverse weather? When faced with bad weather in the present day, what do you do when you’re stuck at home?

This challenge runs from Saturday, April 30, 2011 through Friday, May 6, 2011.”

Funny that you ask… LOL! As I have sat here through the very recent flooding of Branson, MO & my home town Harrison, AR, and the tornadoes ravaging the states, I have pondered many moments in my life that I have sat through & survived amazing weather moments…

When I was little girl, about 4, I was out at my Grands old place there in Urbanette, Carroll Co., AR. I spent a lot of time out there growing up. She had an old farm house on 40 acres of land.

Being an old farm-house, when the bad weather rolled in you could watch it roll in. The house was susceptible to lightning going through it. I remember many stories Grands shared about being struck or shocked by the lightning as it went through the house.

One evening the storms were rolling in good. She & my mom were rushing me through another one of my shallow “save the water” baths… which the water came out of the faucet into a cut off house into the tub, mind you… when it got really ugly really fast. They yanked me up, wrapped me only in a towel, & off we rushed to the stinky old mildewy basement cellar out in the old workshop. I won’t forget it. It was so dark, so stinky…

She had an old metal bunk bed set up in there with an old smelly mattress, some canned goods, & a few spiders & a lizard. I was more worried about snakes though. However, over all, I thought this was one really cool moment in my 4 years of life. I was in a place that I had never got to see. My mom wasn’t that thrilled, having been in there more than once in her lifetime, & Grands was just worried about the storm.

To this day it has been the only cellar I have been in & the only time I have been in one that I can recall. And I wonder why so many people don’t have these “storm shelters” anymore…? Have finished basements replaced old stinky cellars?

I have escaped many many many tornadoes over the years. From hiding under a mattress in the hallway, to showing my baby sister how to duck & cover for them even, to the tree that missed the house my a foot… even the one I sat through that went down in Ponca City two weeks ago. The sound of the house withstanding that kind of storm will remain forever recorded in my head.

And I would be short to say it was just tornadoes… the wind storms of March 2010 in Japan that took down a 1,000 year old health ginkgo tree was rather amazing to witness, along with the typhoon I sat through in 2003 in Japan. :)


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