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The Death of Emil Neuhaus

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I am getting my mail from Japan in pieces & today I got the death certificate of Emil Neuhaus. I love these kinds of documents & Cook County, IL, again… is so great! 

Emil Neuhaus died November 30 1937 in Cook County, IL in his residence on 1824 North California Avenue… It all sounds rather normal information….

He had retired from his job of 40 years as a printer in 1926. Clara had died before him, leaving him widowed. Unfortunately, his birth place & his parents information is “unknown” … which was the real reason for requesting this record. the informant appears to be a Mrs. Clara Irvin [sic: spelling of last name is very hard to make out]. Who is this “Clara”? Is she related? (Why did it has to be another “Clara”? Is it just happenstance or a real connection?…grrrr!) 

However, Emil died from “strangulation due to a self adjusted rope around the neck”.  The handwriting is hard to make out, but there is more to this story because after the rope around the neck there is an “&….”  then… “in the bathroom”. He is listed as a suicidal for his cause of death. At 82 years of age, this seemingly successful man took his own life in the form of strangulation. Why? Did he leave a note?

He was buried December 3, 1937 at Eden Cemetery [sic: now Eden Memorial Cemetery] in Schiller Park, IL. Turns out this is a very German cemetery… across the way from a Jewish Cemetery & another ethnic cemetery of sorts. Makes since being that he was German & stuck closely to those roots. Would he have killed himself due to the war & persecution of the Germans in the States?

I wasn’t able to find an American newspaper in English with any information about his death. I suppose it would be listed in the German newspaper that he was once a printer for…? Hmm… However, there is no online listing of Emil in this cemetery. Off to write another letter .. or two :)


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  1. I hate it when the parents are listed as unknown. :(
    It does seem odd that an 82 year old man would hang himself. How much earlier did his wife die? Maybe he was heartbroken?

    • I can’t find her death date… but I am thinking that might have aided in it… he did lose his daughter & wife before his own life… but the first world war was going on… a lot of American hate towards all Germans & the paper he wrote for was kind of a religious radical paper…


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