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1950 Lee “Homecoming”

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I found this of the Mansfield, OH Newspaper this evening. It’s a great clipping putting together a whole circle of the Lee family: Clarence (C.H.), his daughter Diane,  his mother “Mrs. Carl Burkett”, his brother Frank (Raymond) & his father Frank (Herbert) Lee.

Article reads (including the bad grammatical errors & wrong middle initial): 

“Homecoming –

  There’s been a lot of reminiscing done in several Mansfield homes recently with the return of one member of family and his daughter for a visit here. Clarence Lee and his daughter, Diana, of Somerville, Mass, are visiting at the home of Lee’s mother, Mrs. Carl Burkett, 321 East First St, and his brother, Frank Lee, and family of 971 Burger Ave. Lee’s visit here marked the first time he and his brother Frank, had seen each other in five and a half years, since both men spend six years, in the Navy. The family circle was completed when Frank E Lee, of Toledo them men’s father, visited both of them here. Lee and his daughter also have been visiting relative and friends in Willard.” 


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