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They Did It How?

Today I started out mowing my own lawn for the first time in 2+ years. I had a toddler streaking behind me, random baby snakes that kept getting caught with the mower, earned some blisters, and my feet & hands were green… When I decided I wasn’t cut out for lawn mowing any more & quit.

Now I can appreciate a good workout….

So then I went into my big modern kitchen & started making zucchini bread from scratch (using veggies from my garden)… I’m pretty sure my right arm is now 10 times stronger than my left as I don’t currently own a mixer.

As I’m standing there reflecting at noon how my day has gone I found myself wondering how our ancestors got up & did this kind of manual labor every day!! And how lazy have we gotten? No wonder disease is so rampant amongst our culture today.


About Genesis 1:29

I am just one woman trying to praise God, raise a family, and help others. If I help anyone, if I reach anyone through Him, then I have fulfilled my purpose.

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  1. I just stopped by your blog today and it is the first time I have seen the new template. Looks great!


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