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Well this week was summed up by a very busy week leading into a very busy Halloween weekend! TRICK – OR – TREAT!!! Happy Halloween Everyone!

This week I stumbled upon a blog post that really hit home with me: “Stupid or Crooked?” You Decide by Arlene H. Eakles. A wonderful post about the ethical debate of using undocumented trees in a client’s report. You will see my comments. I am very opposed to undocumented trees… they really set me off :D

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana. Here is a recent news story of the truth within this quote… Removing Native American children from their native homes for the betterment of the secular ideas & beliefs….

For a little fun… a little treat…. I landed upon “Where I Am From” – First found at Gena-Musings with Randy Seaver, who linked you to the original template: . So here is my poem:


I am from an era of high-tops, mini skirts, very pouffy hair, Nike, Lacoste, and Bugle Boy jeans.

I am from poor, old housing, where the heat was in the floor & air was in the window, where the bugs might just have carried you away when you weren’t looking, right into the many graveyards.

I am from Irises, Lilacs, and Daffodils, from home-grown gardens, and lots and lots and lots of trees nestled away in the Ozarks.

I am from Christmas being a time of “peace” amongst everyone, where coin collecting is a necessity, the women are strong and family secrets run deep on all my Holmes, Standlee, and Buckingham lines.

I am from the OCD, the ADHD, and the NDD… and any other “D” disorder.

From “Disobeying your parents is like disobeying God”, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”, and “You didn’t fail, you just found a way that didn’t work.”

I am from a family of we don’t know what we are, but we believe in God… mostly. “Losing My Religion” wasn’t a song, but rather a way of life.

I’m from Harrison, Arkansas with trails into the British Colonies and Ireland, where tomatoes and potatoes are staples in all forms… especially fried!

From the legends of Indians, gold, and Union soldiers, from Sister Rosa (Ogden Buckingham) Mason, the house-mother of the Sunshine Mission of Destitute Women and Girls, and claims to the Buckingham Palace.

I am from a sum of 4 well-preserved family photos that may or may not be blood family, about 20+ three-ring binders of Family Group Sheets & artifacts, and where resetting family stories and traditions is a hobby.


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