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The Year of The Buckinghams

Last year I attempted to dedicate one year to one family line (surname): The Year of Lee! This was my husband’s paternal line. Yes, I’ve thought about how much cooler this line would have been last year during the Royal Wedding events… Dang it! Lol!

I learned that even though divine intervention derailed my year, with a main goal to focus on one family line… My focus had more focus!

I discovered that when you spend a year thinking about only one line you really open yourself up for a lot of discovery. I was also finally able to go & locate various kinds of records instead of basic vitals (birth, death, census). A slow process indeed, but I learned so much!

The Lees were much fun! Though I wasn’t able to smash the brick wall down, I was able to add a little more to the story, verify family stories, & connect with another family through a lost relative ;)

So this year is The Year of Buckingham!

Over the years I’ve made a few contacts with long lost distant Buckingham cousins & using Facebook, I’ve connected with more family! Since there’s been so much interest & correspondence… I am gonna try to focus on my Buckingham line & see what we all come up with!

The Buckinghams are my maternal grandmother’s line: Darlyne Marie Buckingham, also known as “Grands”.

(See my family tab for a quick mini family tree.)

In this family we will find all kinds of stories & characters. Our “brick wall” seems to lie with my great great grandfather: Robert Edwin Buckingham, or REB as many of us refer to him. The question: “Are his parents his biological parents or does a story of English heritage hint to an unsolved mystery?”

As the weeks pass I will introduce various ancestors & stories, and hopefully you can see the process of discovery unfold.

I ask only that you feel free to share, ask questions, & help collaborate with me :) Happy New Year 2012!


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  1. Mick [Buckingham] Quintrall

    Amy, This is a fantastic blog, and I enjoy the monthly read.

    I continue to search for records on R.E.B [Robert Edwin Buckingham], but no luck thus far. This Spring, my wife and I will travel to Milton, CT to search the Buckingham lineage, which began there ~ 1630.

    Mick [Buckingham] Quintrall

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Faling, Andrea []
    To: Quintrall, Mickey CTR OSD ATL
    Subject: RE: An 1885 Lincoln, NE birth question

    Hi. Although the Bureau of Vital Records has some Lincoln births prior to 1904, as far as I know, that office’s records do not go back to 1885.
    I checked our newspaper indexes to see if a birth notice for a child of Joseph Buckingham was cited, but was not able to find a match.
    You have a couple of options for further research, but neither of these seems very promising. Although our newspaper index to the “Nebraska State Journal,” the primary Lincoln newspaper of its day, did not include a citation for the Buckingham birth, it is possible that such an announcement was overlooked. You could enlist the assistance of a researcher-for-hire to see if a birth notice could be found. A list of researchers is available at
    Your other option is to search church records. We have a good collection of Lincoln church records, listed under Lancaster County, in the following guide: Most, if not all, of these collections are on microfilm and, as such, are available to you via interlibrary loan. Cost is $10/reel. Additional information about our interlibrary loan policies/procedures is available at
    I will be out of the office until next Tuesday, so if you have any questions about the church records, I will respond to you then.
    I hope that this information is helpful

    Andrea Faling

    —–Original Message—–
    From: Quintrall, Mickey CTR OSD ATL []
    To: Anderson, Karlyn
    Subject: An 1885 Lincoln, NE birth question

    To whomever reads this,

    As I continue a genealogy-trail I have hit a stone wall.

    I’m nearly complete with one line of my family tree, which goes back to 1605, but for one small hurdle. My great-grandfather claimed he was born in Lincoln [Lancaster County], NE during October 1885. However, I cannot find documented proof. He missed the NE census taken during June 1885 and the 1890 census was destroyed..and he wasn’t included in the family’s 1900 census [which makes me curious]. So, I’m writing to see if you might be able to help me with any birth information:

    – My G-Grandfather’s name: Robert Edwin Buckingham/Born: Lincoln, NE/Date: October 23, 1885
    – Father: Joseph G. Buckingham/Mother Henretta Buckingham [maiden name, Wood]
    – 1885 residence: Lincoln/third ward; South 14th Street, Census enumeration district: 499

    I understand that Nebraska birth records weren’t recorded until 1904, but were there any other records kept? I believe the family was protestant, but I do not know the denomination. They were poor and [from what I’ve gathered] were only in Lincoln for 2-years. Again, any information would be helpful.

    R, Mick Quintrall


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