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R.E.B -or- Robert Edwin Buckingham

Robert Edwin Buckingham or REB as many of us have come to know & call him.

Depending on the researcher, Robert Edwin Buckingham, comes with a rather long list of potential birth dates. I personally have just came to the conclusion he was born on 23 October 1884 in Nebraska… somewhere.

“Why?” Well, because after many attempts to find a Mr. Robert Edwin Buckingham born in 1883 has been a good waste of time & two because working backwards (remember we work from what we know to what we don’t know) you will find his marriage record stating he was one year younger than his wife at the time of marriage, as well as, his death record & his military draft card all reflect the same year consistently. With some math you come up with two conclusions:

  1. he was born in 1884 if in August 1903 he is 18. Meaning that he would be 19 in a few short months. Thus, 1903 – 19 = 1884!
  2. also if we was born in 1883 he would have had to of been a twin to the “alleged” family of claims. His acclaimed brother, Charles E. Buckingham was born 7 September 1883. There are extremely rare cases where twins are born a few days to weeks apart, however, there is no notation of this in the family stories. Also the odds stack up against this possibility.

Now, why the “alleged”, right? Well, that’s the fun part. If Mr. REB was born in 1884, that means he would have appeared on at least TWO census records with the father he claims on his marriage record, Joseph George Buckingham. He would have appeared on the 1885 Nebraska State Census & the 1900 Census. The problem is he is NOT on either census with them! How did they just miss a child? And one that would have been just a year old?

DISCLAIMER: I’ve not completely ruled out the possible sibling being only 10-11 months older…just REB is never shown on a census with the family :)


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