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“Grands”mothered In

Some of you have been grandfathered into all kinds of great deals & business plans. I was “grandmothered” into the Buckingham line, except that I don’t get to keep any great free texting plan or free shipping or even a end of the year bonus. Instead I get an amazing grandmother, we affectionately call Grands, and I get a really amazing Great Grandmother, a little mystery & a lot of cousins :)

My Grands is Darlyne Marie [Buckingham] Standlee (1935-2007). For some of you, you just lost interest, while for the rest of you whom are still reading, here is my mini family tree starting with my Grandmother “Grands”:

Darlyne Marie Buckingham b. 12 Nov 1935 d. 17 Feb 2007
m. 17 Sept 1957
Willie Robert Standlee b. 23 Aug 1927 d. 19 Mar 1978

Her Parents:
Sylvia Bridgeford b. 28 Nov 1915 d. 26 Sep 1990
m. 13 Jan 1935
d. 1942
Chester Ivan Buckingham b. 30 Jul 1916 d. 26 Feb 1966

Chester’s Parents:
Robert Edwin Buckingham b. 23 Oct 1884 d. 31 Jul 1926
m. 15 Aug 1903
Rosa Priscilla Ogden b. 14 Oct 1883 d. 2 Mar 1962

I stop here cause this is where things get a little mysterious….and that’s a story for another post ;)

My Grands grew up in a rather dark shadow of her family history. Her life & stories have matched those of distant cousins but never with her immediate family. A lot of information she passed onto me was from her grandmother sister Rosa (Buckingham, Ogden) Mason & her cousin Edna Buckingham.

No one seems to really know why there’s such a great divide in the information between various generations & family members, or even why some information seems so “hush hush” like skeleton’s in a closet. However, rest in assurance that is not why I am writing on the Buckinghams. My interest started with wanting to know who I am & what I am made of. So I have followed some family stories only to find facts.

Believe it or not in just these three generations are a lot of amazing & incredible stories!

Speaking of, Grands had told me more than once she heard they (the Buckinghams of her family) are connected to the Buckingham Palace. She would always snicker & say, “yeah probably just a chambermaid!”


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  1. I just found your blog and love the title. I volunteer at the Diocese of Pittsburgh and do research searching sacramental records. My husbands says his wife “Looks for dead people.”

  2. I think we are related. My Mother is Bonnie J. Buckingham (thats her maiden name. Her Fathers name was Marice Buckingham and I believe his brother was Chester. i seem to know many of the names you mentioned on the Buckingham side. We are also related to the Ogdens. Mark Casidy Ogden was a great grandfather. Look me up on Facebook and i will give you my concact info. My grandmother did a lot of research on our family. I am Airborne Cook on Facebook. There is a picture of my and Willie Nelson together. I sent you a request on facebook.

    • Indeed we are related! I had a few emails between Bonnie & I years ago, however, you & I’d be close in age:) I know I’ve been slow to get to blogging this year, however please feel free to follow me…got a few I’ve been working on some new posts! My husband is Navy!

      • I told my Mom tonight she was excited. Do you my moms number. I would also like to tell you info that could help in your search for history. My number is 619-342-5910

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