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1951 Sun Valley Junior High

You often forget what “artifacts” you have of ones life, even when you organize them, you tuck them away in safe places. I was getting out my Buckingham binder (a rather large 3″ 3-ring binder) to start some more posts when I stumbled upon a rather great piece: My Grands (Darlyne Buckingham) year book from 1951!! It just fell out into my lap as if she knew I needed the laughs & smiles today! (God rest her soul!)

She attended Sun Valley Junior High in 1951, located in San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles City, CA. I found few links to the history:

” In April of 1948 School officials announced that “the most charming of all the new junior high schools” in the Los Angeles system would be built in the Roscoe area. The “dream school,” Sun Valley Junior High was expected to be completed by September of 1949. However, the school did not open its doors until February 1950.
Sun Valley Junior High School was built on a 14 acre tract at Valerio Street and Bakman Avenue. The new school was designed for 1200 students in grades seven through nine. The student population grew quickly resulting in the construction of the North bungalows in 1951 on Valerio and Fair Avenue. The auditorium, P.E. field, and the south bungalows were added as the student population continued to grow.
The opening ceremony for Sun Valley Junior High was on January 29, 1950. Dr. Alexander J. Stoddard, superintendent of the Los Angeles City School System explained to students and parents, “You are about to enter Americas most up to date school.” “This school has everything a school could offer for attainment of a good education.”

My Grands was in the 9th grade & her sister was in the 7th grade. She looks awkward & fashionable, and wears a smile on her face. What I loved most was learning another side of my Grands; the pre-adult side of my Grands. She apparently was friends with some really funny gals that were even apart of the drama club. Here are the autographs in her yearbook that gave me a good laugh:

“In jail they give you coffee. In jail they give you tea. In jail they give you everything but the got-dam key. – Your friend Sylvia Cradit”

“Yours till Germany gets Hungary and cooks Turkey in Greece. – Good Luck Rosann Carlucai”

“In memory’s golden casket, Drop one pearl for me. – Sharon Petty ’51”

“Now I lay me down to sleep, with a bag of popcorn by my feet, if I die before I wake, you’ll know I died of a stomach ack. – Have fun in the B-10. Ruby Shirley S’51”

The rest of them go to a “real well, fine gal!” Grands was always picky about who she kept company with & those who were lucky enough to be in her circle really thought highly of her & found her to be a nice all around person.

“Best luck to a swell girl. – Georgette Photiadis

“To a fine gal. Best of Luck. – Rene [Lorene] Orsone”

“To a very sweet and nice girl may all your days in high school be happy ones. – Dorothy Hopkins”

“Lots of Luck to a swell girl. – Shirley Decker”

“Good Luck in the B10. – Doris Willis”

“To a cute girl one of my Best friend. – Your Friend Beverly Heasley”

“May Good Luck be with you al the days of your life. – A friends forever Janet Burt”

“The Best of Luck in B10. – ??”

“To a real fine girl with a real fine personality Lots of Luck all thro life. – Dianne Bull”

“Best of luck always to a real fine gal. Your deserve it – Sonja Fraley S’51”

“To a swell bird. Loads of luck in Senior High – Aleta Harrell”

“To a real swell, fine gal. The Best of Everything to you. – A Friend Always Janie Gaines”

“To a swell gal, a real pal, have fun with Kenny. – Shirley Duggan”

“Lots, loads and a bunch of luck to a girl I have enjoyed being friends with. – Vera Bateman”

“To a real swell gal. Loads of Luck in Hi School. – A friend always Pat Steele”

“To a real fine girl. Hope you will always have happiness in the years to come. – Always Sherry Temple”

“Lots of luck to a real real cute & fine gal. – Dirt [?]”

“To a real fine sister my sister good luck in the B10. – Your Sister [Living]”


“Grands”mothered In

Some of you have been grandfathered into all kinds of great deals & business plans. I was “grandmothered” into the Buckingham line, except that I don’t get to keep any great free texting plan or free shipping or even a end of the year bonus. Instead I get an amazing grandmother, we affectionately call Grands, and I get a really amazing Great Grandmother, a little mystery & a lot of cousins :)

My Grands is Darlyne Marie [Buckingham] Standlee (1935-2007). For some of you, you just lost interest, while for the rest of you whom are still reading, here is my mini family tree starting with my Grandmother “Grands”:

Darlyne Marie Buckingham b. 12 Nov 1935 d. 17 Feb 2007
m. 17 Sept 1957
Willie Robert Standlee b. 23 Aug 1927 d. 19 Mar 1978

Her Parents:
Sylvia Bridgeford b. 28 Nov 1915 d. 26 Sep 1990
m. 13 Jan 1935
d. 1942
Chester Ivan Buckingham b. 30 Jul 1916 d. 26 Feb 1966

Chester’s Parents:
Robert Edwin Buckingham b. 23 Oct 1884 d. 31 Jul 1926
m. 15 Aug 1903
Rosa Priscilla Ogden b. 14 Oct 1883 d. 2 Mar 1962

I stop here cause this is where things get a little mysterious….and that’s a story for another post ;)

My Grands grew up in a rather dark shadow of her family history. Her life & stories have matched those of distant cousins but never with her immediate family. A lot of information she passed onto me was from her grandmother sister Rosa (Buckingham, Ogden) Mason & her cousin Edna Buckingham.

No one seems to really know why there’s such a great divide in the information between various generations & family members, or even why some information seems so “hush hush” like skeleton’s in a closet. However, rest in assurance that is not why I am writing on the Buckinghams. My interest started with wanting to know who I am & what I am made of. So I have followed some family stories only to find facts.

Believe it or not in just these three generations are a lot of amazing & incredible stories!

Speaking of, Grands had told me more than once she heard they (the Buckinghams of her family) are connected to the Buckingham Palace. She would always snicker & say, “yeah probably just a chambermaid!”

The Year of The Buckinghams

Last year I attempted to dedicate one year to one family line (surname): The Year of Lee! This was my husband’s paternal line. Yes, I’ve thought about how much cooler this line would have been last year during the Royal Wedding events… Dang it! Lol!

I learned that even though divine intervention derailed my year, with a main goal to focus on one family line… My focus had more focus!

I discovered that when you spend a year thinking about only one line you really open yourself up for a lot of discovery. I was also finally able to go & locate various kinds of records instead of basic vitals (birth, death, census). A slow process indeed, but I learned so much!

The Lees were much fun! Though I wasn’t able to smash the brick wall down, I was able to add a little more to the story, verify family stories, & connect with another family through a lost relative ;)

So this year is The Year of Buckingham!

Over the years I’ve made a few contacts with long lost distant Buckingham cousins & using Facebook, I’ve connected with more family! Since there’s been so much interest & correspondence… I am gonna try to focus on my Buckingham line & see what we all come up with!

The Buckinghams are my maternal grandmother’s line: Darlyne Marie Buckingham, also known as “Grands”.

(See my family tab for a quick mini family tree.)

In this family we will find all kinds of stories & characters. Our “brick wall” seems to lie with my great great grandfather: Robert Edwin Buckingham, or REB as many of us refer to him. The question: “Are his parents his biological parents or does a story of English heritage hint to an unsolved mystery?”

As the weeks pass I will introduce various ancestors & stories, and hopefully you can see the process of discovery unfold.

I ask only that you feel free to share, ask questions, & help collaborate with me :) Happy New Year 2012!

Hop, Skip, and A Box Away…

Man, what a busy two months! I have had a great time settling into our new home as I am still patiently awaiting our household good shipment from Japan.  It will be so nice to hold & touch all my genealogy books & records… I can’t wait!!!

Don’t be fooled into thinking I have forgotten about all my ancestors in the meantime. I have had some great little pieces handed to me here & there. I even got a few older photos of my grandfather, working on collecting 7 divorce degrees for another great-grandfather, and landed myself in the middle of some crazy  Standlee research that finally solve an age-old question…. “who is Onicypherous Standlee?”

Even more fun, has been piecing together a lot of “why’s” with tidbits here & there that might even land me in the middle of some Hell’s Angels research!

Please continue to hold tight for me… I am on my way back to blogging :D

Wordless Wednesday

I find it so interesting…. when you look back over the family story of one of my Buckinghams sharing a connection to the Palace …

Prince William and Kate Middleton official engagement photos by Mario Testino

… To see the similarities over the decades between the Royal Prince & my ancestors Howard Ennis Buckingham & Robert Edwin Buckingham. :)

Possibilities Riddle The Truth

Robert Edwin Buckingham is said to be born to Joseph George Buckingham & Henrietta Wood, on 23 October 1885. So why is this questioned?

The mystery not only lies around a random “family story” of his evading the Royal Army enlistment, but also that in 1900 he does NOT appear on the census with his acclaimed family.

Where's Robert Edwin Buckingham?

As you can clearly see, a 15-year-old Robert Edwin Buckingham seems to be missing from the family 1900 Federal Census. Why? His older siblings are living at home… his younger siblings are at home…

“Ettie” claims that 6 of her 7 children are living… 6? Who is the missing one? It can’t be Robert Edwin Buckingham… he seems to be living, because that is where our family comes from.

The only thing holding this Robert Edwin Buckingham in line with Joseph George & Etta Buckingham for me is his middle name. It’s begins with an “E” just like the entire family:

  1. Laura Buckingham – unknown
  2. Harry Enis Buckingham – 1878-1909
  3. Charles Everett Buckingham – 1883-1902
  4. – *Robert Edwin Buckingham – 1885-1926
  5. Francis Elizabeth Buckingham – 1890-1918
  6. George Edward Buckingham – 1892-1948
  7. Edna Eleanor Buckingham – 1894-1990

Robert Edwin Buckingham makes 7 children total! That also keeps him with this family… And Edna is the one who provided the information that I continue to rely on from time to time, as she was the one who passed down the information & photos to my Grands.

So did Robert Edwin Buckingham get into trouble around 1900, shortly after their move to California, that landed him in prison for a small term? Was it instead not evading the military but maybe for lying about his age to enlist in the military?

And how did he meet Rosa Priscilla Ogden, his wife? How did he become a printer by 1920?

Do you think that Joseph George & Etta Buckingham are his parents? (Remember to read previous posts about REB.) What do you speculate happened to Robert Edwin Buckingham in 1900?

The Parents of Robert Edwin Buckingham

You ever have one of those ancestors where the timeline doesn’t add up to the history he/she claims & the family stories are so bizarre and far-fetched laced with little to no details?

That is my Robert Edwin Buckingham (REB)… great great grandfather. He is one of those ancestors where we may have never questioned his “story” had no one put forth the effort to “document” his claims. (Another clear example of why documentation is so very important in family history!) Since REB… for a few generations later, a lot of bizarre events take place in the branches down our family tree.

REB claims that his parents are Joseph George Buckingham & Henrietta (Etta) Wood…. This is our biggest brick wall. Here’s why:

Robert Edwin Buckingham started his marriage to Rosa P. Ogden with Joseph George Buckingham in his corner in 1904. This marriage record is the earliest confirmed record we can find on Robert Edwin Buckingham.

Having died in 1926, Rosa, his wife, continued to pass on those claimed parents, as she was always told, on his death record & in her family Bible (having been passed down to her son Howard).

Having been born in late 1885, REB missed the Nebraska State Census. The 1890 Census, as most of us should know, was lost in a federal building fire. But the 1900 census remains in tact! So why isn’t REB on the 1900 census with Joseph G. & Etta Buckingham, the acclaimed parents?

In 1900, REB would only be 14 going on 15 years of age. According to this death certificate he arrived in California around 1888, when he was about 12-13 years of age, semi-consistent with the travels of Joseph G. & Etta Buckingham’s family.

A family story that has been passed around is that somehow REB was in prison for evading the Royal Army. He served his sentence in either Nebraska or Nevada.

That’s the whole story!

However, as you can you see form above, then he must have either 1) lied about his age, or 2) he was fresh off the boat & married before he was imprisoned. However, the birth of his children clearly say he wasn’t “imprisoned” until he was right after he was married. So when did he serve a “imprisonment”?

Also to evade the Royal Army would imply that he was also an immigrant, no? So when did he immigrate? If he was in California since about 1888 (according to his death certificate) then he would have only been 3 when he immigrated. Since we can’t find a “Buckingham” listing that fits our REB… was he not a Buckingham at all? Or again, has he lied about something?

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